Frequently Asked Questions is a Transparent, Profit Sharing, Smart Contract Based Sports Betting Platform and Online Casino.

  • General


    New around here? Start with the basics

    • What is is an open-source peer-to-peer gaming platform where anyone with an idea can build a game, a predictive market, or a casino room and share in the revenue. provides the tools for game developers to create anything you can bet on.
    • What games are offered on the platform? will launch with slots its initial offering. will constantly release other games as part of the platform in the future, such as predictive markets, craps, roulette and more.

      But the most exciting part of the platform is its open source—and we provide a library of sounds, images and tools for our community to create anything you can gamble on.
    • How do I place bets on the platform?

      Any transaction on the platform requires a standard token - DBET. DBETs can be used to place bets on any active games that have been pushed into the contract.
    • What are the fees for placing dbets?

      There are no fees for placing dbets apart from VeChain's gas fees.
    • Who provides betting lines and game outcomes?

      All betting lines and game outcomes will be provided by the houses on To start with - will provide a single house that'll be run and managed by the platform. All lines & active game outcomes will be pushed in by In the future, with white labeled houses, user-built casinos, etc. other interested betting companies will be able to set-up their own managed houses within the platform.

      Additionally, the platform will allow peer-to-peer betting and predictive markets. If you want to bet your friend that you can run a mile in under 7 minutes, create the wager and book it with a smart contract, and go.
    • Can I bet using a different currency?

      Initially, all transactions on the platform requires DBETs to be used. They could be bought using a variety of currencies from any of our partner exchanges. We will explore fiat as an option in the future.
    • How can I trust the house when it comes to game outcomes?

      All sports bet outcomes pushed into the contract will be publicly visible on the blockchain. Outcomes can be viewed to ensure all results that are pushed are accurate. We do not have plans for a consensus mechanism to DECENTralize this portion of the platform since it is a complex problem that is being tackled by multiple platforms right now - still without a stable release. The platform will however, host multiple centralized oracles through white labeled houses, which would increase the betting operator choices for every user. If any result turns out to be wrong on the platform, they can be contested and if successful, outcomes could be rolled back.
    • What advantages does offer over other centralized/DECENTralized sports betting platforms? offers users the opportunity to invest in individual games to generate returns without needing to perform any additional actions.

      DBETs are also designed to increase in value over time with the introduction of White Label solutions and custom houses opening doors to multiple options to re-invest DBETs in within the platform.

      But most importantly, has given gaming back to the community. It harnesses the community’s ability to create games and wagers—distinct and unique to anything else on the market—and share in the revenue.
  • Features


    Dive deeper into's features

    • How do I "become the house"?

      Users can become the house by using DBETs to bet the house side against any individual bets. There is no "lockup" period for you to stay in the game, liquidity for any tokens not in current betting progress can be reinvested in that game, moved to a new game or removed completely.
    • Is it possible to liquidate shares during a quarter?

      Shares can be sold on the "Share Exchange" within the platform. Shares can be sold anytime for any pre-determined amount to other users for DBETs.
    • How do I receive payouts?

      Payouts can be exchanged for your split of the profits from the distribution at the end of every bet.
    • How much can I expect in terms of returns at the end of every bet?

      Returns depend on profitability of the house and the percentage of shares held by each user. The higher the percentage share and profitability, the higher the returns for a user.
    • How do I participate in the quarterly lottery?

      All shareholders in the house with a minimum of 1000 shares are automatically entered into the quarterly lottery.
    • How do I create my own house?

      White label solutions and custom houses will be rolled out eventually. Check out our roadmap for more details.
    • Does use masternodes?

      No, DBET believes profit potential is greatly enhanced by offering the public an opportunity to bet with the house.
  • Platform


    Short and long term goals of our platform

    • Are there any gambling games as part of the platform?

      Slots will be the first game on the platform. Games like Craps, Roulette etc. will be added over time.
    • What is DECENT C?

      DECENT C is a charitable initiative from 10% of profits generated from the founder's share (not exceeding $50,000) in the house for each quarter will be donated to selected charitable causes. Of course, all donations will be recorded on the blockchain for public verification.
    • How does white labelling work?

      White labelling allows outside companies/providers to leverage our technology and implement their betting lines/game outcomes within the platform, allowing them to make use of the blockchain for their platforms. White label solutions will require a minimum deposit to be held by companies along with bidding on houses and a shareholder vote to make sure they comply with all legal requirements and are vetted by shareholders on the platform.
    • What is the overall goal/vision behind the platform?

      The goal or vision of the platform is to completely decentralize gambling by giving the platform to the community to bet anything they can imagine and create at any time.

DBET Gaming Platform is under construction.

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