About DECENT.bet

Founded in 2017 with offices in Las Vegas, Panama and the U.K., DECENT.bet is a blockchain peer-to-peer platform where the community can explore its creativity by creating games, wagers or rooms—and share in the revenue. We provide the tools, you provide the ingenuity. The future of gaming is in your hands.

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Why DECENT.bet

DECENT.bet’s blockchain platform is a transparent, smart contract based peer-to-peer gambling ecosystem.
Anyone with an idea can create a game, wager, or casino room on the DECENT.bet platform and share in the revenue. Community members can also be the house at any time by backing a wager or a slot session for a small or multi-month time period. Our vision is to completely revolutionize and revitalize gaming. Back a bet or bet on anything. You have the power.
  • Design & Create

    Have an idea? Make it happen. DECENT.bet will provide game developers and bettors all the tools they need to create a game, a wager, or a casino room.

  • Share in the revenue

    Game developers and casino room operators can share in the revenue. We will reward the community for the action generated on their games. Additionally, back the losses of any game or wager for your own selected period of time and share in the revenue.

  • Have a chance at the lottery

    5% of all profits generated by the house will automatically be used to fund a quarterly lottery. A shareholder will be selected at random and be awarded the jackpot.

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  • October 2018

    • Slots
      (No Bet on Bet)
  • Q1 - 2019

    • New betting games
  • Q2 - 2019

    • P2P Betting Markets
  • Q3 - 2019

    • Slots
      (Bet on Bet)
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    Q4 - 2019

    • Esports
    • Sports book
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    Q4 - 2019

    • DBET Labs
    • Community Gaming Rooms
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    Q4 - 2019

    • White label

Behind the scenes

DECENT.bet Team

  • Executive Team
  • Jedidiah Taylor

    CEO & Founder

  • Kurt Connolly

    Sr. VP of Business Development

  • James Sullivan

    In-house Counsel

  • Chris Hensley

    Sr. VP of Operations

  • Steve Preiss

    VP of Marketing

  • Advisory Team
  • Mark Herberholz

    Casino Operations Advisor

  • Operations Team
  • Braden Rowe

    Operations Manager

  • Ryan Vice

    Accounting Advisor

  • Sven van Tongeren

    Director of Community

  • Jon Hendrickson

    Community Support

  • Jack Kochen

    Community Support

  • Marketing Team
  • Tyler Bayne

    Investor Relations

  • Development Team
  • Ben S. Stahlhood II

    VP of Engineering

  • Gary Melendez

    VP of Product Development

  • Rogelio Morrell


  • Roberto Zubieta


  • Shaun Preece

    Lead Graphic Designer

  • Bradley Suira


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